Answered By: Jill Zimmerman
Last Updated: May 22, 2017     Views: 12

Printing in the library requires a GoPrint Account. Printing in color costs 50 cents per page.

When printing, choose the printer named "SPC-CLR-201GP_Color". Double-check that you are being charged 50 cents per page before confirming payment for your print job. 

The steps below describe how to set up a GoPrint Account.

Create a GoPrint Account

Step 1.  Bring up GoPrint

  • Bring up a document; select File and then Print.
  • Confirm the print options: black and white printing is 10 cents and color printing is 50 cents.
  • Select Print again and the GoPrint screen will automatically pop-up, say yes to the first pop up about the certificate.

Step 2.  Sign Up and Create your GoPrint account

  • Enter and e-mail (personal or student).  Click Sign Up.
  • Enter a Login IDFirst NameLast Name, and Password.
  • Please write your user name and password down, if you forget the librarian can look it up for you.
  • Click Create.

Step 3.  Sign into your GoPrint Account

  • Enter the Login ID in the box Username, enter your Password, and click Sign In.

Step 4.  Add Money to your GoPrint Account

  • Credit/Debit ($2 min)
    • In the upper right box click the button that says Add Value & follow the prompts. 
    • The account number is the large number on the front of your debit/credit card.
  • Cash
    • Use the keyboard in front of the GoPrint Add Value Machine.
    • Enter your Login ID for the Account Number and your Password for the PIN
  • The Add Value Machine accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20; it does not give change - the entire value of the bill will be deposited to your account.
  • The Add Value Machine does not accept coins.
  • The Add Value Machine DOES NOT give back change –Change for coins or large bills are available at the Business Office in the Welcome Center. (Change is not available after 5pm)

Step 5.  Printing your document

  • The GoPrint screen will show a print job and next to the print job will be an empty box.  Click that box: a check will appear, then click Click to Print
  • Do not click “Pay at Station” - it will delete your print job.
  • Your document may take a few minutes to print, Don’t Panic if it does not print immediately.
  • Remember to Log Off or other students may be able to use your account.


  • GoPrint will not print more than 25 pages at once.  After the first time you press Print, go to Settings, Page, and choose 1-25, 26-50, etc. until all the pages you need are printed.